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Birthdate:May 30
Location:United States of America
Website:: .DeviantART. :


luna ♡ twenty ♡ gemini
artist by aspiration, writer by accident, daydreamer by default
perfect example of failure
still attempting to grow up even though it's been proven impossible

likes→ drawing, reading, roleplaying, music, the color lavender, stars, anything cute
dislikes→ racism, ignorance, stress, reality television (or most of it, anyway 'A'a)
fandoms→ yu yu hakusho, sailor moon, sonic the hedgehog, bleach, soul eater, gankutsuou
warning!! is prone to come up with strange ideas from time to time
proceed with caution and mind soap at the ready :9


I claimed Yuusuke Urameshi in the
[ Yu◊Yu◊Hakusho ‡‡ Claim ]

Interests (20):

\@w@/, a prince and his hime, brb watching owl, capslock are my homeslices, get out trunks, island antics are a+++, it's broadway time timmyko, kubo stop stalking togashi, magical girls and mazoku, midgets in black, not moe fuck you, poptarts n' waffles, random musical montages, shonen retardation, stop traumatizing me gc, takeuchi where's that crossover, tee hee purple, that fucking toaster, toguro in fakir's pants, yusuke in tutus 4ever
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